How To Get The Best Deals on Landline Phone Service

How To Get The Best Deals on Landline Phone Service
By Daymon Hoag

This is just a short article that explains how to get the best deals on phone service. The first thing to understand are there are various ways to make a phone call, thus many different types of service. I’ll be covering landline, but this method works with cellular, and digital as well. With each type availability in your area is a factor, so keep that in mind. It’s pointless to compare prices on products that you can’t get for whatever reason.

To get the best deal on landline telephone you can do a Google search for “landline phone service”. Try to find websites that let you input your address information so you can see just the landline providers that service your area. While entering your information does not require you to make a purchase, it does make it possible to show providers available at the exact address you’ve entered.

From there you can compare providers, but in most cases only one landline company will service a given area. Things you’ll want to compare are rates on basic phone service, long distance rates, and unlimited calling plans. Compare each price to your current monthly bill, and usage habits. You may want to also consider bundling, since bundling phone with TV, and or Internet could reduce your overall cost of all three, or two services combined. Don’t forget to have your current phone bill handy so you can make an accurate comparison against your current bill, and what your bill could be.

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How to Get the Best Deals on Cell Phones and Service

How to Get the Best Deals on Cell Phones and Service
By Daymon Hoag

This is a short, but telling article on how the get the best cell phone deals, and cell phone service. In the next few paragraphs I’ll briefly cover cellular carriers, cell phone suppliers, and fulfillment centers, plus the differences between post paid wireless, prepaid, and pay as you go. As with most any type of phone service, availability is a factor. Regardless of how good the price is, it doesn’t do us any good to compare prices to services that are not available to us.

Most cellular providers will ask you to enter your zip code to see if they offer service in your area at some point during the order process. Keep in mind by entering your zip code you are not obligated in any way to buy. This is, however, a necessary step in comparison shopping for wireless, so don’t hesitate to enter that information when asked. By doing so you’ll sort out the providers, and cellular carriers available where you live more quickly, making it easier to get to the actual comparison.

Post paid plans are those that you are billed each month, but after you’ve used your plan. These are the plans that often require a contract for a new cell phone. The benefit to getting a free phone on contract is it’s highly discounted, or free. Post paid carriers are also generally more reliably, more widely available, and are used by more people, so you can take advantage of free mobile to mobile. To get the best deal on a post paid cell phone plan, find a website that allows you to compare phones and plans side by side. Simply choose your favorite phone, at the best price, and select a plan that works best for you. It’s easy and straight forward.

Prepaid plans can be monthly, or pay as you go. Either way you pay first for the service before using it. To get the best deal on a prepaid cell phone plan do a search on Google, and find a website that offers popular prepaid carriers. Why popular? The more popular a prepaid wireless carrier is the better the chances it’s a large company with good coverage. If you talk, and text a lot search for “unlimited talk text and web prepaid” in Google. If you want a cell phone, but don’t plan to use it often you would be better off with a pay as you go plan.

For the best deals on prepaid wireless, you need to first decide if you’re a heavy or moderate users. Unlimited prepaid for heavy and pay as you go for moderate. Try searching for things like “prepaid free phone”, or “pay as you go phones “$9.99”, or even “refurbished prepaid phones”. Since with most prepaid calling plans you have to buy your phone, this might help you save on a new one.

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Old Reliable Landline Phone Service

Old Reliable Landline Phone Service
By Daymon Hoag

A landline (or land line) was, in its initial stage an overland telegraph wire, as opposed to an undersea cable. At present, landline (or land phone or main line or fixed-line) basically refers to a telephone line which travels through a solid medium, either metal wire or optical fiber, as differentiated from a mobile cellular line, where transmission is via radio waves.

Landlines more often than not have a lower price for calling time, and the user hardware costs less than mobile phones, but they are not as convenient. A land line is also used to boost the security of communications, as it cannot be interrupted by a receiver without physical access to the line. (This does not, however, mean that a telephone company will not send the call over the air on some point in the journey.) In 2003, the CIA reported approximately 1.263 billion main telephone lines worldwide. China had more than any other country, at 350 million, and the United States was second with 268 million – this compared with 219.4 million cellular telephones, a number that is assumed will exceed the landline number within a few years.

The land line is nothing more than one’s classic run of the mill telephone service. It was the basic home phones for us. The same kind your grandparents used, and probably still use. Most elderly people are contented with landline, because they have always used it, and they like to stay together with what they know works. Landlines are in usual days thought of as the standard old phone service where you just plug the phone cord into the wall jack, but nowadays you can even do that with some digital phone services.

In two words, the land line is old and reliable. One time experimented advantages that make customers decide to keep their landline is its dependability. The most advantageous part is that if your electricity goes out, your land line will still be able to make and receive phone calls. If you remember the blackout of 2003, the cell phones did not work, and neither did digital phone. The only way you could make a call was through a landline telephone. Another benefit is of the emergency call service. Even if you do not have phone service you can still call the emergency number in some states. This is called as a soft dial tone.

One thing we know for sure is that land lines have their own uniqueness which no amount of technology shall be able to replace.

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How To Watch Internet TV on Your TV

How To Watch Internet TV on Your TV
By Daymon Hoag

People love free online TV service, but one of the biggest problems is how to get that Internet TV service from your computer to watch on the big screen in your living room. In the past year there has been an onslaught of programs, software, and devices that make this possible, and I’ll cover a few of them here.

Gaming consoles aren’t just for playing games anymore. You can use your Nintendo Wii, Xbox, or PS3 to watch video, listen to music, and even socialize. My personal favorite is the PS3, because you can play Blu-Ray movies, or regular DVD, plus it has apps available for Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Vudu, a high-def VOD online movie store. You can also use a program called Playon to watch hundreds of free TV shows online.

Playon is media streaming software you can download to your Windows PC. Your gaming console can detect media servers, and if you have Playon downloaded to your computer it will detect it. This makes it possible to watch lots of free online video content using nearly any device connected to your TV that is able to detect media servers.

There are a lot of set top boxes available now that were created just for the purpose of being able to watch Internet content on your TV. Roku, Boxee Box, and Logitech Revue are just a few examples. Internet connected HDTV sets are becoming increasingly more popular, which have the functionalities of a set top box built right in to the television.

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Reduce Your Cable Bill With Internet TV Without Cutting The Cord

Reduce Your Cable Bill With Internet TV Without Cutting The Cord
By Daymon Hoag

Free Internet television, may be a way for you to cut the cost of cable, or satellite, but it’s not likely to ever be a way for you to cut the cord completely. There are literally thousands of on demand video sources online for free with full TV episodes, and movies. To fill in the gap there are also premium TV sources like Hulu Plus, and premium online movie sources like Netflix. A basic subscription to both is less than most premium movie channel packages like HBO, and Showtime.

With all the free video sources available online people tend to start thinking about cutting the cord, or discontinuing cable, or satellite TV subscription services. The problem with this is the loss of live TV broadcast. How will you know if there is a tornado warning in your area, or something similar without live TV? You could get live over the air TV, but unless you have a good number of local networks close by, you’ll miss out on a lot of benefits you get from a subscription television service.

Why not have the best of both worlds? One could cut their cable, or satellite programming to the bare essentials, and take advantage of popular set top boxes like Roku, Boxee Box, or Logitech Revue, or even programs like Playon which offers media streaming on internet connected devices like gaming consoles, or set top boxes to watch a plethora of Internet TV content for free. This would cut your subscription fees, while still providing a ton of entertainment options.

Daymon Hoag is the founder of Phone TV Internet where you can shop online for Internet TV Service

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Digital Home Phone – Providers & Calling Plans

Digital Home Phone – Providers & Calling Plans
By Daymon Hoag

Although similar in nature, a digital phone line is not the same as a landline. Sure, you use a normal telephone, dial the same, answer calls the same, and calling features like voice mail, caller ID, and others work the same as well, but the technology used for sending and receiving voice signals is different in a digital line versus a regular landline.

Digital Voice

This is a term used by a lot of landline companies to describe their digital phone service, otherwise known as VoIP. In the future these providers may do away with landline service completely. AT&T, and Verizon are already in negotiations with the FCC to get this started. Digital voice is not only cheaper for you, it’s also much cheaper for the telephone companies since they would not need to maintain an expensive landline infrastructure.

Cable Landline

There is no such thing. People get confused, because they associate the use of a regular house phone with landline service. The only telephone service a cable provider offers is digital, or digital cable phone, and some may refer to their product as digital voice as well. This is also VoIP just as with the telephone companies, and it works exactly the same way.

VoIP Digital Phone

Independent, or stand alone VoIP companies are the one’s who started the whole digital phone service revolution. Both cable, and telecom providers use this technology for their digital voice systems. It used to be called broadband phone, but is now more commonly referred to as digital phone service. VoIP is hugely successful, because it was nearly half the cost of traditional phone service, but with more calling features, and flexibility. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection, VoIP router, and a regular touch tone telephone.

VoIP Software VS Hardware

It’s easy to get digital telephone confused with computer software, and mostly because of the term VoIP. While VoIP does make it possible to make calls from your computer to other computers, or landline, and cell phones, it’s still computer software. Digital phone uses a VoIP router instead of software, and is connected to a normal house phone. There is no need for a microphone, headset, or computer speakers when you have digital phone service.

Whole House VoIP

In the early day of broadband telephone, you were only able to use one phone that was connected to the VoIP router. Today that’s changed. For starters, many cable providers set up their digital phone systems so you can have multiple handsets throughout your house. Similarly, some VoIP providers offer expandable base VoIP phones with a built in router. By expandable base, I mean you can get multiple handsets, and place them anywhere in your home where you have an electrical outlet.

Digital Calling Plans

VoIP is not only cheap, it’s very flexible. You can get unlimited local calling, or unlimited local plus long distance, unlimited local with a cent per minute long distance plan, and you can even get International. VoIP is the cheapest way to make international calls by far. There simply is no cheaper way to do it, and probably won’t be for some time. It’s also the cheapest home phone service today. As of now, there is absolutely nothing cheaper.

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Bundling Phone, TV and Internet Through a Phone Company

Bundling Phone, TV and Internet Through a Phone Company
By Daymon Hoag

When you have more than one service on a single monthly bill from a phone service provider it is phone bundle. A phone bundle can also mean a local calling plan bundled with long distance, but in this case we are talking about bundling landline phone service with Internet, TV, or wireless with any combination ranging from double play bundles to quad play packages.

Landline Phone Packages

Phone service from a landline provider can be bundled with Internet, TV, or wireless cell phone service. Landline phone service is plain ol’ phone service with a variety of calling features and plans. You can get just basic local phone service, or unlimited local and long distance. Your calling plan may affect the overall price of your bundled package. An alternative to a landline may be a digital calling plan, often referred to as voice. It’s similar to landline in common functionality, but much cheaper in price.

Satellite TV Packages

You can bundle satellite TV service from Dish Network, or DirecTV with phone, and Internet. Most phone companies offer one satellite provider or the other. Never both. Satellite TV packages can range from basic satellite TV programming with a basic digital satellite receiver, to premium satellite programming packages with digital DVR, or HD DVR. The satellite package you choose may affect the final price of your bundled package.

DSL Internet Packages

The standard high-speed Internet service provided by a phone company is DSL, and can be bundled with landline / wireless phone and TV. DSL packages can range in download speeds from 756 Kbps, to 12Mbps and sometimes faster depending on your region. Higher DSL speeds can result in higher prices for your overall phone bundle.

Wireless Phone Packages

Cell phone packages can be bundled with home phone, TV, and Internet. Cell phone service can range from a single basic calling plan, to a wide range of family plans. The wireless bundle you choose will affect the end price of your overall bundled package plan.

Fiber Optic Bundles

You may also find bundles packages that include fiber optic television service similar to cable, or fiber optic high-speed Internet, which is currently faster than anything available to residential consumers today. Home telephone with these packages may be landline, but more often than not, it’s a digital voice package, or VoIP. This helps to keep the price down for the bundle overall, since digital phone plans are the cheapest on the market today.

Daymon Hoag is the founder of Phone TV Internet where it’s easy to find deals for Cable and Internet in your area.

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